How Insurance Companies Manipulate Their Customers to Avoid Paying Out Settlements

Did you know that the insurance company you’re in court with is using all they have to make you fail in getting paid what you’re owed?

It’s true, they fear that you’ll end up being rewarded a big settlement, so they are on their toes to have the edge over the case. 

For years now, insurance companies all over the world have been using their customers like pieces on a chess board to make the best moves and avoid having to pay out big money. 

And now, they’re looking to make sure you don’t stand a chance!

Here’s how the insurance company you’re in litigation with is trying to screw you over…

They’re using the defendant like a pawn!

Let me explain: 

Despite what you may believe, the defendant of the case is not paying any money out of their pockets in your settlement. This falls into the hands of their insurance company. So, why are they in the courtroom with you constantly? The reason is because the insurance company has invoked what’s called the “cooperation clause” which simply means that the defendant will be represented as long as they go along with whatever the insurance company says and does. Otherwise, the defendant can risk losing representation and even coverage with the company.

Now, this is often used to give the jury a picture of a poor defendant being taken advantage of so that the penalty will be reduced, and the insurance company won’t have to pay you out what you’re owed. 

Yes, this is a crooked practice and yes it works. This is why you need someone on your side to spot this happening in real time and use specialized tactics to make sure that the opposing insurance company has to pay out what you’re owed. 

Key Takeaway

What you need is a personal injury lawyer who will take your case to trial and fight for you so that you get your livelihood back. You don’t just need someone to represent you, but you also need someone in the trenches who knows how to spot the dirty little tricks that insurance companies use to avoid paying out what’s owed. 

As a seasoned personal injury attorney in the Sacramento area, I have seen hundreds of cases never get the right sentencing because big insurance companies know how to manipulate the jury to pay as little as possible. Personally, I’m tired of seeing them win and that’s why I have dedicated my practice to fighting for individuals just like you to make sure they get what’s owed to them and more because it’s the right thing to do when you have a conscience. 

You need someone on your team to make sure that you’re getting rewarded what’s owed and that the insurance company isn’t snaking their way out of yet another case. Let me fight for you! I would love the opportunity to make sure you’re taken care of. 

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