How to Avoid Getting Low-ball offers from Your Insurance Company after a Car Accident

You don’t have to take the low-ball offer that your insurance company is giving you, there’s another way!

I’ve seen thousands of my clients start out on the same path…

You’ve sustained an injury in an accident, medical bills are piling up, and when you finally get a response from your insurance it’s just not enough. 

This so frustrating to experience! So, why is this happening? 

Your insurance is looking for a reason to not pay out what is owed to you, but what they won’t tell you is that you don’t have to accept the offer. 

If you hire the right lawyer, you can change everything.

You need someone who will go to trial with your case and get you in front of a judge by taking your case to trial. That is the only way that you will get what is owed to you. 

Here’s what a trial injury lawyer can do for you: 

1.     Retain Experts on Your Behalf

Winning the payout of a lifetime is all about making your case bulletproof and the first way that a trial lawyer will help you do this is by retaining key experts for your case. This means you will have doctors and insurance experts there to testify to the truth of your situation. You will be able to build a case against your insurance company and prove that you have sustained the type of injuries that warrant a big payout. 

When you have more experts there to prove your side of the case, your credibility is established, and the judge will have no other choice but to award you what’s due. This is the first key step in winning your case. 

2.     Provide Exposure on the File

Every insurance company is checking to see what their exposure is on the filed claim. This means they are looking to see what you have over them and how they can get out of it. If you aren’t taking your case to trial, they see their risk as being low exposure which means they can offer you low numbers all day without taking the risk of you doing anything. 

Here’s where the trial lawyer comes in! Your attorney will be able to file your case and put you in the courtroom which will force the hand of the insurance company to offer you a higher number. The fact that you’re even bringing a lawyer in to face them will have your insurance company shaking in their boots. They’ll make a new attempt to offer you something a little higher than before, but you don’t have to accept that offer either. Soon, you’ll get what you really deserve because your attorney will stop at nothing to make sure justice is seen. 

3.     Get You BIG Wins 

Yes, you read right, with a great trial lawyer on your side you’ll be swimming in cash. Why? This is because your attorney will be able to fight for you to get compensation not only for your pain and suffering but for the hassle of dealing with the low-ball offers in the first place. This is another form of pain and suffering that has been inflicted by the insurance agency. You will be given the full amount that you deserve and all because you’ve chosen to stand up to the bully. When you choose to stand and fight, you’ll get big rewards, period!

Key Takeaway

The real takeaway here is if you want to avoid the hassle of dealing with terrible offers from your insurance company, then you need a trial lawyer on your side. 

Here’s the thing to look out for though, not all lawyers are made equally! By this I mean that not every lawyer will fight for you and take your case to trial. So, you must be vigilant to choose someone who not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk.  

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