How to win your case…even when the defense has “experts” against you

If you’re fighting to get your life back after an accident and the defense team seems like they’re going to win, hang in there! There is a way to dismantle even what seems to be the most bulletproof argument, and I’ll tell you how.

You’ve been injured and you’re seeking compensation for your surgery, loss of work, or suffering…BUT…the defense team has some “experts” that are there to prove you wrong, what do you do? 

In this case, you need a personal injury lawyer that will take your case to trial for two reasons.

1.     You’ll poke holes in their defense

When you have someone on your side that is in the trenches of litigation, you’re setting yourself up for success because that individual will be able to see the lies a mile away. 

Let me give you an example. A couple years ago, I represented a gentleman that lived right here in Sacramento. This man was a truck driver who was doing his job and driving to his destination on a surface street. Now, the lane to the right needed to merge ahead and beside him was another truck driver. Normally, this is a simple merge where the driver to the right falls behind the driver on the left and everyone goes home happy. Not in this case… The other truck driver decided to drive as fast as possible to cut off my client before the lane ended. He wasn’t successful and ended up causing an accident with my client that sent him off the road. He ended up striking his head on the metal ceiling of the cab and this caused a major neck injury that needed multiple surgeries to correct. 

Here’s where it gets interesting, the other driver’s defense team called upon experts that claimed the accident was a sideswipe. Meaning they found no cause for the neck injury because it happened as a result of the accident. This is what they claimed. 

 The issue here is that their experts lied with this statement alone. When I presented this to the judge, I proved that the accident was the mechanism that caused the neck injury and that the defendant is at fault. 

That’s what makes the difference! Having someone who knows how to argue on your behalf and make sure you have justice on your side is what will ultimately lead you to victory. This brings me to my second point.

2.     You’ll get paid 

Let me finish the story, I not only was able to disprove their claims about what caused the injury but I was also able to convince the judge that compensation was vital in this situation. The defense team was offering $70,000 but I helped my client get a $1 million settlement. 

When you have a personal injury attorney on your side to take your case to trial, you’re setting yourself up for even bigger monetary wins. If it wasn’t for my ability to see the holes in the defense’s argument, then my client would be looking at a low settlement that wouldn’t even cover the cost of surgery. This is why I say that you always need someone who knows the game on your side. 

Key Takeaway

The takeaway here is very simple, if you’ve been injured and are seeking legal help get a lawyer. Not just anyone, but a personal injury lawyer who takes cases to trial. This is your only shot at getting what is owed to you and making sure that justice is served. At the end of the day, that’s the only chance you have at dismantling the lies of these so called “experts.”

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