Pedestrian Accidents


Pedestrians are often the most vulnerable to injury when involved in an accident. Pedestrians are not protected by massive metal, air bags or other safety measures as are passengers inside vehicles. They can be struck while following the letter of the law, like in a crosswalk. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 12 pedestrians died on average each day of 2008. This number does not include the pedestrian involved automobile accidents that are not reported by police, because no officers were called. This means that pedestrians are seeking medical attention alone without the help that they deserve to recover from accidents.

Crossing the street is a routine part of our daily lives. Our children do it on the way to school. We do it on the way to work or when heading out for a meal. Rarely do we give a second thought to the danger. Yet the simple act of walking along or crossing a street ends tragically for thousands of Americans every year, with the pedestrian killed or severely injured.

Accidents caused 4,654 pedestrian fatalities and another 70,000 pedestrian injuries last year. On average, a pedestrian is killed in a traffic accident every 113 minutes and injured in one every eight minutes, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration estimates. Driver negligence is often to blame for pedestrian accidents, but pedestrians sometimes put themselves in jeopardy through carelessness or inattention.

A person injured in a pedestrian accident may be able to recover money damages from the driver who caused the accident. Damages are money paid to the accident victim as compensation for the victim’s injuries and losses. The family of a pedestrian killed in an accident may also be able to recover money damages.

Damages provide compensation for accidents that result in physical injuries, such as broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and head injuries, as well as for those that result in death. Recurring pain and suffering caused by the physical injuries may also entitle a victim to recover compensation. A victim of a pedestrian accident may also seek reimbursement for medical bills related directly to the accident, in addition to reasonable future medical bills. If you or a family member is the victim of a pedestrian accident, Attorney Kirill Tarasenko can help. Call today!

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