Post-Accident Advice


1. Stop. Do not leave the scene.
2. Assist the injured.
3. Call the police and request an ambulance, if necessary.
4. Exchange information with other driver(s). Take a photo of their driver’s license. Get their insurance information and policy coverage details, if possible.
5. Go to the hospital if you require immediate attention for your injuries. Your ambulance and hospital bills will be covered by the liable party’s insurance company if you are not at fault.
6. Take photographs, take photographs, and take some more photographs. These may prove to be important later when the liable party’s insurance company claims there “wasn’t enough force for the collision to be an injury-causing event.”
7. Get first and last names and contact information for witnesses – these too can prove to be important later if the other party changes their story about what happened.
8. Seek medical attention as soon as possible – insurance companies love to deny valid injury claims based on so-called “gaps in treatment.” Don’t let your injury claim be denied for failure to obtain medical treatment documenting your injuries and complaints.
9. Call the Tarasenko Law Firm, Inc. at (888) 878-0830. We exclusively represent injured people, not the insurance companies. Don’t trust the insurance companies to help you with your case – they are NOT on your side. Until you retain an experienced trial lawyer, they simply won’t take your case seriously. Litigation and civil trials is what we do, so let us help you obtain the results you deserve.

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