The Number 1 Reason You NEED a Personal Injury Lawyer

Should you ever trust your insurance company? 

The harsh answer is no, but it’s the truth. 

Here’s why…

Your insurance company will do anything they can to get out of paying you for your claim. As a injury lawyer in the Sacramento region I have seen this happen dozens of times and I am going to tell you how to get paid no matter what. 

Let me give you an example of what I mean. 

A few years ago, I represented a gentleman who had recently been injured in a motorcycle accident. He was struck by a car in Sacramento and landed hard on his shoulder causing him to need rotator cuff surgery. He did the right thing and immediately sought out me, a car accident attorney.

This case seems pretty cut and dry, it’s a litigated file because of the nature of personal injury law and the insurance company should pay him out for the full price of the policy—$500,000. 

Here’s the issue, they don’t want to pay (just like every other business) and they even have the audacity to offer him only $30,000 for his claim. This wouldn’t even cover medical bills for my client. 

Obviously, I support my clients fully and I wasn’t going to stand for that, but at the settlement conference my client’s insurance company is firm on that amount. 

Next, they brought in a top dog lawyer from Fresno, California to present their case of how it’s my client’s fault that he got injured. This expert works directly for insurance companies just like yours to try and prove why they shouldn’t take care of you. It is their job to lie and make you look like the one at fault. This is why you need to be vigilant about making your case and being firm on what you deserve. 

My client and I knew that we could win, thanks to his bravery we had the truth that we needed to prove that he was entitled to a $500,000 settlement. 

Nevertheless, I contacted the insurance company’s lawyer and demanded that they pay the full amount or else we would sue for even more. This is how you have to approach these companies; you’ve got to make your demands and not be timid. 

In the end, the insurance company was ordered to pay out the full amount of the policy and then some totaling in over $600,000 in winnings. That’s 20 times what they offered!

 If it wasn’t for my expertise as a personal injury lawyer, I know that my client would not have seen a dollar over 30,000. This is why you get an attorney to help you with your car accident case. 

So, here’s how you can avoid losing to your insurance company. You need to hire a personal injury attorney that you trust because that is your only chance at victory. Despite what you might believe, every insurance company is against you the moment you need them. You need someone to help you build a case of truth to stand face to face with their wall of lies. 

When you have a lawyer who is an expert in auto accidents your chances of receiving large settlements increase immensely. You will avoid the headache of navigating litigation yourself and win with a personal injury law firm by your side. 

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